Live Life to the Fittest.

Swim Lessons

The Health and Fitness Center is proud to offer you an environmentally friendly aquatic experience with all bodies of water using a salt water process that produces a natural form of chlorine. Beyond daily aquatic fitness classes, you are also able to participate in classes offered by certified swim instructors.

Private swim instruction

Individual lessons are based on your ability and goals. Instruction is tailored if you are a beginner learning to swim to if you are advanced and looking to learn new drills or improve your technique.

Buddy lessons

If you and a friend have similar goals and abilities, this semi-private option is available.

Group classes:

These classes meet for six weeks on a continuing basis.

Water shy

Is a great program if you would like to learn how to swim and are hesitant in the water. The goal is to teach you forward progress in the water while feeling relaxed and confident.

Beginner swim

Is the right class if you have basic knowledge as a swimmer but are looking to learn proper techniques and swim longer distance.

Intermediate/Tri swim

This class is right for you if you are looking for a more complete workout using progression and stroke development.

For more information or to register for a class, call (734) 975-9950 or stop by the member services desk.